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Our Goals

Our church offers a wide range of worship and learning experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds for the purpose of growing in Christ.  Our foundation for all of these activities is God's Word.  These timeless principles shared and lived out within our church family become active, alive and truly life-changing.

We emphasize the importance of everyone being "Plugged in" to some area of ministry.  If you only attend Sunday morning worship, you're really missing out on a blessing!  Growth comes from studying God's Word in Bible Study, from in-depth discipleship classes, from fellowship within the church body and from serving and using the gifts God has given you, not just sitting on the sidelines!

Our ultimate goal as a church is to create both a passion inside all of us for worshiping Christ and a desire to reach others for Him.  We have dedicated our ministry to creating opportunities for everyone who attends our church to do just that.
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