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In the past couple of weeks I feel like I have been going non-stop.  I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few days in Atlanta, doing some foreign mission training with IMB missionaries from all over the world.  Following that I left to spend a few days in Romania getting to know the missionary family and meeting the Romanian pastor and the churches we are going to get to serve this summer.  Then after getting back, I spent another amazing weekend with a great group of young people in our church at the Chillipepper conference in Pigeon Forge, TN.  It was a crazy few weeks, but an amazing time!

It was through this time, that I felt God once again open my eyes to His mission and His calling on my life.  My perspective of God’s heart and His mission, I have to confess is  often way too small.  I don’t know why, but every now and again that happens.  I find myself getting a little complacent, I get into a routine and I lose perspective.  As I walked across the room in Atlanta and met and heard the stories of the missionaries I found myself not only in awe of what God is doing around the world that I had no idea about, but at the same time I felt challenged and convicted about the lack of urgency I sometimes display in the mission God has given me. 

In Romania, I got to know the heart of a Romanian Pastor, who was doing some  amazing things for the Lord in his community.  He spends his days ministering to several small churches in his city and surrounding community.  He is the only Romanian pastor in His community who is actively looking past the stereotypes of the Roma people group and actively pursuing them with the Gospel.  He is doing this with barely any money, no resources and support.  He is simply relying on the strength of God and His provision to  accomplish His work.  I have felt and our church has recently felt inconvenienced when the heat in our sanctuary has gone out.  Imagine serving in a community and meeting in a church building, with no running water, heat or air conditioning and the only restroom being a broken down outhouse.  We would almost rather not meet, if we would have to sit in the cold.  They would rather sit in the cold gathered together as the body of Christ in worship, than to sit at home in the warmth alone. Perspective challenged. 

God also challenged my perspective as I sat in the auditorium this past weekend in TN and as I rode up and down the street in a bus full of teenagers.  I was reminded once again by God about the urgency we need to have for the Gospel to be made known to this generation.  I am so grateful God has given me the opportunity to invest in the lives of these young people. I can never become complacent in my ministry to them.  I am so grateful that God used these past few weeks, to once again remind me of His mission.  As a church we have done some great things to spread the Gospel, but our mission is not finished.  God is still working, He is still moving and He is still in need of us to join Him.  This generation needs us; the lost people groups all over the world who are being neglected need us. More than ever missionaries around the world need our support and prayers.  The time is now, the time is urgent. Let us do what we can to join what God is doing.
In Him, Kevin Minix
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